Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Does your company need to unify data and streamline daily processes? Do you need to integrate SaaS, move to the cloud, create a mobile experience, or modernize a legacy system? Systems integration is just what you need to transform your processes for the better.

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Effortless Connections

At Nisman Solutions, we’re here to provide you with effortless connections. This can apply to the technologies you use as well as the people you collaborate with every day. If you’re like most companies, you work with various on-premises applications, cloud-based apps, and multiple data sources that make it difficult to meet demands. We’re here to save the day with our comprehensive application integration solutions.

• Third party API integration
• Data integration and transformation
• Enterprise integration
• HubSpot, Dynamics 365, and other CRM integration
• Business systems integration

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Modern Data Integration Solutions

Our team is here to help you develop a better, faster, and more secure solution for data storage within your organization. We have ETL down to a science, and we’re here to break down your data silos so that all the information you need is easily accessible and shareable. Just let us know what you’re looking for in a data integration company. We’ll make it happen!

Get Consistency Across All Your Systems with Nisman Solutions

Do you need a custom systems integration solution to bring all of your company’s applications or data under the same umbrella? Nisman Solutions is here to help! Our developers will help you overcome IT complexity with creative, modern solutions. For more information about our enterprise application integration, data integration or our other ETL services, contact us today!

What Are Your Goals for Integration?

As an API integration company, Nisman Solutions has spoken with countless clients who need a more streamlined system. We understand the inefficiencies and frustrations of a complicated IT landscape. Whatever business system or CRM integration you need –Microsoft Dynamics integration, HubSpot integration, or anything else – we’re here to help. Here are some of the goals we can help you accomplish as we unify your data and apps.


Make Communication Effortless

At Nisman Solutions, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our solutions make it easier to share and communicate with colleagues, partners, and customers.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Are you facing IT obstacles such as outdated systems or inefficient processes? Enterprise application integration may just give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.


Boost Productivity

A fractured IT landscape makes everything more difficult and time-consuming. Unlock productivity, speed, innovation, and revenue growth with our expert integration services.



You can rest assured knowing your software is secure and safe from hackers. We understand how costly and damaging a security breach can be, so we’ll work to develop the safest solution possible.

Whether you are just looking for a quote or want to learn more about us and our process, we invite you to reach out. We`d love to talk to you about your ideas and goals.

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Project Stages

Brief and Prototyping
Our top-notch team will identify the problems and needs of your business. From an idea we move forward, creating a concept and a prototype, with the aim of creating a minimum viable product for the next stage.
Approval and Launch
When the concept shows the vector of movement of the project, and the prototype allows you to fully experience the UX, we approve the design stage and launch the development stage where the real work takes place.
Our developers are of the highest level of qualification and therefore always brilliantly fulfill their duty to the client. Our functional development teams create iteration after iteration, reflecting your most important business challenges. We iterate until all items are off the backlog list.
Release and Maintenance
When we are sure that all work is completed and the product meets the standards of our company, we release the project. Our cooperation with you is not over, we are responsible for the quality of our products and provide support, for example: the development of additional functions and bug fixes in existing products.

“While working with Nisman Solutions, their expert developers produced an MVP that proves that our company has a team and a great product in place. Nisman Solutions’ developers provided helpful and necessary tech insight, high-quality code, documentation and went a step... Read more

“While working with Nisman Solutions, their expert developers produced an MVP that proves that our company has a team and a great product in place. Nisman Solutions’ developers provided helpful and necessary tech insight, high-quality code, documentation and went a step further by simply taking the time to ask the right questions.

Their workflow is very organized, which allows for clear and concise communication between us (the client) and their team. Besides their high quality of work, it is the communication that we appreciated the most.

Nisman Solutions did an excellent job of managing our expectations and driving the project
forward utilizing the most up-to-date technology. And in the telecom space, this is not easy.
Nisman Solutions is an integral part of the Phone2 team.” Less

Andrew Shaker

Andrew Shaker

Founder, Phone2