How do we work?

We break up the overall project into manageable, trackable phases and milestones. We use agile development principles that include sprints, scrum & status calls along the way.

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To execute this project as effective as possible and at the highest quality we utilize the following set of tools and processes:
  • Trello

    for Project Management.

  • Figma

    for rapid visual prototyping and final UI\UX designs.

  • Google Docs

    and Google Drive for Documentation and Collaboration.

  • Slack

    for communication and collaboration. This allows us to move quickly, communicate efficiently and not miss any detail.

  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure

    for Development, Staging and Production environments.

Project Plan
1 Discovery
Requirements Analysis Visual Prototypes

The discovery and research phase is our opportunity to analyze your goals, ideas and use cases as well as your competition. From these meetings, we can determine and suggest the best overall strategy for your project and set the project parameters and milestones.

We will produce visual wireframes and\or prototypes that will demonstrate our overall conceptual thinking and design solutions. At this stage, we can make changes quickly and efficiently, reducing the overall cost of the project.

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2 Visual Design

At this phase, we’ll take the concepts defined in the previous stage and produce a high-fidelity complete visual design in Figma. We’ll then review the design with you and make any changes and edits to ensure nothing got overlooked.

3 Development

In this phase, we will build the infrastructure and processes (Source Control, Project Management System, Continues Integration) to support the development. We will set up and configure the development environments and databases according to the best practices. We will migrate data and complete back-end programming. Here we will also perform thorough Quality Assurance on each page use case we have identified.

4 Roll Out

At this stage, our team will set up production infrastructure on AWS, in collaboration with you we will develop and schedule a roll-out plan. Finally, we will perform production deployment and launch your project and ideas to life.


We are here to provide you with more information, answer your questions, and create the best solution for your needs.

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