IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Nisman Solutions does IT consulting for companies around the world looking to improve their work flow, keep their systems safe and organized, and handle any IT related issue. We simplify the complexities of IT for your company by managing the IT systems while providing guidelines, advice, and a roadmap for sourcing, utilizing, and managing IT assets. Our San Diego IT consulting firm can be relied on to analyze issues with your current IT setup and improve efficiency all around.

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Keep Your Systems Safe & Organized with IT Consulting

Today, all businesses use a variety of technologies to complete everyday tasks. While software and web apps can certainly improve workflow, they can also impede it. In addition to the frustrations of tech that isn’t working the way it should, there are also wider-reaching concerns about security, efficiency, and affordability.

A great IT consulting firm will simplify the complexities of IT for your company. At Nisman Solutions, as your IT consultants, we’ll provide guidelines, advice, and a roadmap for you. We will proactively put reliable systems in place to reduce issues. At the same time, we’ll be here 7 days a week to handle any problems that may arise.

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Plan for Your Future with IT Strategy Consulting

IT consulting isn’t just about troubleshooting computer problems. It’s also about maintaining and improving your technology systems with a simple end goal: to keep your business running smoothly and to keep you profitable!

A simple decision about your enterprise architecture can have far-reaching impacts. That’s why we’re here to help you plan ahead, stay up to date with the latest advancements, and improve your company’s IT systems. As your IT strategy consultants, Nisman Solutions will manage your IT projects, create custom-designed solutions for your needs, and help you meet your long-term goals.

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If you’re looking for an IT consulting firm, get in touch with Nisman Solutions today! Our San Diego-based IT consulting company works with clients all over the globe. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about IT strategy or consulting. Reach out today to learn more about our pricing or services. We look forward to working with you!

What Are Your Technology Goals?

Having a successful IT strategy can help your business succeed! With greater security and reliability, you’ll have less downtime. With budget-friendly solutions, you can get the services you need without paying for more than you can afford. The team at Nisman Solutions will help you meet these needs and more.



We’ll protect your business from digital threats while keeping your data backup and recovery system up to date.


Need cost-effective IT consulting? With Nisman Solutions, you’ll pay a predictable monthly or yearly cost.


You won’t have to worry about surprise IT issues popping up, and you can rely on us to be here for you 7 days a week.


When we’re managing your IT systems, your entire business can function more efficiently and productively.

Whether you are just looking for a quote or want to learn more about us and our process, we invite you to reach out. We`d love to talk to you about your ideas and goals.

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Project Stages

Brief and Prototyping
Our top-notch team will identify the problems and needs of your business. From an idea we move forward, creating a concept and a prototype, with the aim of creating a minimum viable product for the next stage.
Approval and Launch
When the concept shows the vector of movement of the project, and the prototype allows you to fully experience the UX, we approve the design stage and launch the development stage where the real work takes place.
Our developers are of the highest level of qualification and therefore always brilliantly fulfill their duty to the client. Our functional development teams create iteration after iteration, reflecting your most important business challenges. We iterate until all items are off the backlog list.
Release and Maintenance
When we are sure that all work is completed and the product meets the standards of our company, we release the project. Our cooperation with you is not over, we are responsible for the quality of our products and provide support, for example: the development of additional functions and bug fixes in existing products.

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend to you Slava Nisman and Jonathan Humphries. Working together, they both created from scratch and upgraded several critical modules to Global Benefits Group’s (GBG) Archer system. Both gentlemen exhibited an excellent ability to quickly... Read more

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend to you Slava Nisman and Jonathan Humphries. Working together, they both created from scratch and upgraded several critical modules to Global Benefits Group’s (GBG) Archer system. Both gentlemen exhibited an excellent ability to quickly pick up on operational practices and specific user requirements.

Slava is slightly more technical than Jonathan and is capable of solving even the trickiest of IT problems. While Jonathan is an excellent developer and architect, his decade of operational experiences enables him to easily communicate with executives and staff and manage both the deployment and development sides of the project. I’m now retired from GBG but am using their services to grow my new venture, Pacific Flight Aviation.”

Noah Lerner

Wayne Hankins

Former CIO Global Benefits Group