Mobile App Development

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With around 2 million apps on the App Store and close to 3 million apps on the Google Play Store, lots of companies and developers are competing to get people to download their app. That means having a high quality, functional, gorgeous looking app is all the more important today. Our San Diego, California based team of mobile app developers are professionals at turning your vision into a reality. We’ll craft a mobile application that will benefit users and make them want to recommend it to others.


Mobile App Development

Having a high rating on the App Store or Google Play Store is of utmost importance if you want to show up high in user searches and be downloaded by lots of people.

That means you can’t be putting a low quality, unfinished app online for others to download. Nisman Solutions prides itself in creating excellent mobile applications that will accomplish the goal of the client and make the end-user happy.

Using the newest and most advanced technologies in mobile app development we can build your app to work flawlessly on all devices. We can create apps for iOs users or Android users, or whoever your user may be.


Our Mobile Development Process

Making sure your app functions the way you envisioned it is important to both you and the end user. That’s why we take our time to plan out the architecture of your mobile app and then build it with the newest, most sophisticated development technology.

Typically we build mobile apps for our clients using Xamarin, and also enjoy working with DevExpress and XAF. Our team is dynamic and can work with a range of technologies to build your product – we are not limited to any specific framework.

We’ll stay connected with you throughout the whole development process, ensuring things go smoothly and all your questions are answered promptly.


User Interface

Creating a strong first impression with your user and then keeping them attracted to the app is extremely important. If you’re marketing a free app, they have an especially high churn rate, so it has to look and feel better than your competitors’.



A well-functioning app is critical in keeping your users on your app. Slow load times, crashing, and freezing are things that make a user never want to use your app again. A well performing app is fast to load and provides a consistent experience.


Building an app that only works for one device is not ideal since you can’t reach as many users. Your mobile app should work with all phones and tablet devices in order to get maximum reach and include as many people as possible.


People will want to use your app if it brings value to their life. Whether that’s by solving a problem they have, or just by keeping them engaged and entertained to blow off steam after a stressful day. A good app provides lots of value to the user.


We’d love to talk with you about your mobile application development project. Whether you are just looking for a quote or want to learn more about us and our process, we invite you to reach out. Our mobile application development company works with clients all over the world, not just in San Diego, California.

Yanni Shainskiy

Yanni Shainskiy


“We worked with the team at Nisman Solutions in order to completely redesign the main aspects of our UX interface on our custom site ( The whole team, but particularly a designer named Stas who was leading the work, were extremely... Read more

“We worked with the team at Nisman Solutions in order to completely redesign the main aspects of our UX interface on our custom site ( The whole team, but particularly a designer named Stas who was leading the work, were extremely responsive. They took the time to take a deep dive and get a great understanding of our many requirements, which right away told us this would be an awesome experience (a previous company we tried to work with only asked a few questions and didn’t deliver
anything close to expectations).

After the initial rounds of requirements gathering the team kept us updated with the work in progress and allowed us to bounce some ideas back and forth, until the final work was delivered. Everything was done on the agreed upon timeline and within the agreed budget. There were no random surprises for “extra fees” as we experienced with other firms.

As much as we would like to “hog” this firm to ourselves, it would be wrong for us not to give them the glowing review that they absolutely earned. So here it is! You would truly be missing out if you didn’t give Nisman your project. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the CIO or CEO of and we’ll be happy to vouch for this excellent company.” Less